Gess Productions’ studios cater for artists, musicians, producers & songwriters


Gess Productions are recording studios in London, perfectly suited to artists of all genres wishing to realise and record their creative ideas and produce high quality, radio-ready finished tracks and audio. Whether you’re a vocal artist, musician, producer or songwriter, our recording studios in London are the ideal environment to let your creativity shine. Gess Productions are a professional recording studios located in Camden Town, easily accessible by tube and other modes of transport.

 Whether you want to rent a studio by the hour, on a daily basis, or benefit from some tuition, our studios can accommodate any requirement you may have. We’re a friendly and experienced team who are not only well prepared, but excited for solo artists, songwriters and all kinds of musicians to come to experiment, record and create new music in one of the most creative recordings studios London has to offer.


Our recording studios in London offer a complete music production facility, with the latest in technologies to ensure the recorded sound is of the highest quality. Whether your genre is pop or gospel, dance or soul, Gess Productions will deliver excellent audio recordings which will document your music at its best. We will be on hand to give you any assistance you may need, from gathering the right musicians to accompany your track, to fine tuning a final mix of your work to the highest standard. We promise to assist you in your creation of high quality music in any way we can.

Our expert engineers will make you feel at home and their experienced ears and industry knowledge will help you to get the best performance possible. Whether you’re making music, recording spoken word, creating sound effects or documenting speeches, Gess Productions are among the best recording studios London has to offer.